Francois has traveled the world extensively teaching yoga, meditating and continuing to expand on his experience. He also holds a license in and is an avid skydiver! Francois gentle, easy going manner has made him a popular yoga teacher worldwide, sharing his combined knowledge in an open, non-competitive and friendly way.

Francois currently has an instructional yoga video in distribution in Canada for beginner and advanced yoga students.


Francois spent five years of training as a forest monk at Ubon Ratchathani under the spiritual guidance of Achaan Cha, a vipassana meditation master in the Buddhist forest monk tradition of Thailand.

He later continued his meditation practice in Burma at the PA-AUK forest monastery under the Venerable PA-AUK Sayadaw presence a Revered and well know Master among Vipassana practitioner.

Francois completed comprehensive study of Shiatsu massage at the Zen Renaissance clinic in Sydney, Australia. The studies included Sinarteriology (meridian flow), and and extensive work with movement of Prana (or vital force, breath). He also completed an indepth course in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Mungkala Acupuncture clinic in Chiang-Mai, Thailand with Dr. Rungrat, one of the few doctors authorized to teach Traditional Chinese Medicine in the country.